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Дом: Краснодар

20 000 000 000 руб.
Prestige Meridian Park is the newest and most integrated urban development ever created by India. A modern and contemporary mixed-use building was created to allow you to experience the brighter side of life. This premium project is being built in the fastest growing area on the Yamuna Expressway.
On its expansive 300 pristine acres, it's much more appreciative than you can imagine. Reflecting the absolute landmarks and iconic structures day and night, it makes this place a great place to live and believes in miracles. The happiness and joy of living in a huge community in a vibrant area invites you to this hotel on the Yamuna Expressway.
This is poised to become the next fastest growing destination offering a blend of modern and contemporary living. A perfect blend of residential, commercial, retail and hotel complexes in a closed and secure complex.
This community focused on building good infrastructure with an equal focus on the environment and sustainable lifestyles. The front door welcomes you into a world full of lush greenery, exotic waterways and life. It has amenities that contribute to a promising living experience. GYC ensures that you can enjoy an unrivaled lifestyle in a vibrant neighborhood.
Район: 500
Метро: 200
Площадь: 500 м2
Жилая площадь: 500 м2
Площадь кухни: 200 м2
Контактная информация
Контактное лицо: Prestige Meridian Park
Контактный телефон: 8292778894

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