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Best Ruby on Rails Certification and Training Course

24 404 руб.
We are one of the greatest online training companies you will ever encounter, and we are wholly devoted to helping you advance your career. To teach the next generations about IT technology, we have partnered with a variety of renowned businesses, groups, and people.

The online Ruby and Rails training course from IgmGuru was created by subject-matter specialists to align with the Ruby on Rails certification exam. The program aims to speed up and improve the efficiency of web application development. Both inexperienced and seasoned programmers may benefit from the Ruby on Rails online training course, which is aligned with the most recent Ruby on Rails certification exam. Students will learn how to construct Real-Time Web Applications using the Rails MVC in this online Ruby and Rails course.

Visit: https://www.igmguru.com/digital-marketing-programming/ruby-on-rails-certification-training/

Important Characteristics

- 24 hours of training
- Teachers who are knowledgeable and skillful
- Small batch sizes
- Ongoing Assistance and Access
- Individual teaching is available.
- Schedule Flexibility

Contact us for more information.

Mail:- info@igmguru.com
614, Ajmer Road, Jaipur
INDIA:- 7240740740
Website:- https://www.igmguru.com/
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Контактное лицо: James Walker
Контактный телефон: 07240740740

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